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"If we wore more hats we would not have to have so much Prozac," says milliner (a.k.a. hat-maker) Blythe Savage in this lighthearted documentary that uncaps the benefits, the power and the confidence that come when a woman places a chapeau on her head.

From the bonnet to the pillbox, beret, cloche, turban, cap, derby or topper - whatever the name, whatever the style, hats used to be an indispensable accessory for every woman from every walk of life. In recent decades, however, hats have fallen out of the wardrobe and by the fashion wayside. Sadly, the ubiquitous baseball cap may now define "hat. With unprotected faces, skin cancer is on the rise. Schools and the corporate world have marked hats as taboo. Travel has made wearing hats inconvenient. References to hats in magazines and newspapers have mostly dwindled to the obligatory Easter time article. In the media and in general, a deluge of women (and men) their long tresses flowing and blowing in the wind have all but eradicated the hat as daily attire. Still, charismatic hat wearers persist.

"WHAT IS IT ABOUT HATS?" celebrates this neglected fashion accessory by focusing on the unique person under each hat, showing that a woman who places a hat on her head enters a secret and privileged world. Indeed, there is something about a hat. Filmmaker Andee Kinzy believes that hats make a strong statement whenever they appear - in part because so few people are daring enough to don one. "A hat beckons people. It's as if you're getting this free peek at someone's soul. And such blatant self-expression is very alluring. At the same time, it can be extremely intimidating." Emotions 'brim' to the surface, for example, when a woman's face is half hidden by her hat. She becomes mysterious, tantalizing, sexy and is subconsciously elevated to a position of prestige or entitlement.

Wearing an interesting or beautiful hat has the ability to affect our own mood and state of mind, as well. "You can completely transform, not just your appearance, but the way you feel, the way you act," says Eia Radosavljevic, Milliner. It alters your feelings, changes your posture and embodies aspects about your personality that may have been forgotten. The right hat completely changes everything. Besides, they're just plain fun. Peppered throughout with mini-hat-wearing lessons, this is the insider's guide to the art and practice of expression by head decoration.

All around the country, hat aficionados proudly exclaim that hats should regain their rightful place as the fashion accessory de rigueur. "Hats may have a chance, after all," says Kinzy, with a saucy tip of her hat.





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